Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Unconnected Trivia.

When I saw Chamisal, New Mexico drop into my Feedjit earlier, my first thought was: ‘I wonder how many Americans know there’s a place called Chamisal in New Mexico.’

*  *  *

I did the toughest job in my autumn garden schedule today. It was reminiscent of an assault course and now I have aches in muscles I’d forgotten I ever had. It’s definitely a job for a 20-year-old, and I’m not 20.

*  *  *

I heard a good joke in an old b&w movie last night:

My wife could give an aspirin a headache.

I expect everybody else has already heard it.

*  *  *

One week to go to Halloween and the wind is moaning mournfully tonight. I suspect the wraiths, the goblins, the little folk and all the other denizens of alternate realities are stirring to practice their technique. That’s OK just as long as the black dog doesn’t leap out of my bedroom wall and aim its fangs at my head again. You think I’m joking? Night.

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