Sunday, 1 October 2017

Little Critter Matters.

I went through to the kitchen from my office and saw a little beetle crawling across the floor towards me. I often see a little beetle crawling across the kitchen floor and it causes me some consternation.

‘Oh come on, little beetle,’ I said. ‘I do wish you wouldn’t crawl around the floor when I’m up and about. I might accidentally tread on you, then you’d be dead and I’d be mortified.’

I thought the juxtaposition of ‘dead’ and ‘mortified’ quite clever in the circumstances, but the beetle just looked confused.

*  *  *

Twilights aren’t the same now that summer has run its course. No moths, you see, just snails. I’m becoming uncommonly fond of snails, but whereas moths suggest Titania and her entourage, snails merely remind me of The Magic Roundabout.

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