Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The Wrong Picture.

I’m coming to the conclusion that the designers of astrological iconography got it wrong when they assigned the fish to Pisces. It’s becoming my considered opinion that it should have been given to Gemini.

I’m discovering that Geminis are like those big golden carp which the Chinese love to have swimming in their ponds and under their humpity bridges. They make excellent companions but are too self-willed and slippery to hold onto. Try to stroke one or pick one up and it’ll be through your fingers and on the other side of the pond (or hiding under the humpity bridge) before you can say ‘Where’ve you gone?’

And I’m only kidding (cheaply and at the expense of two of the most splendid people I know) simply because life isn’t giving me much to write posts about at the moment.

(And incidentally, it’s also my considered opinion – based on personal experience – that the role of Pisces women is to punish Sagittarian men for past crimes. Only I can’t think of an icon for Nemesis.)

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