Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The Spreading Blight.

I  was in a Poundland store today and noticed a new addition to their range of cheap decorative items for people who are easily pleased. This one was a piece of coloured plastic about 12”x5” with a short length of cord attached so as to enable the hanging of it in a prominent place, there – I presume – to astonish sundry visitors with the wit and wisdom contained within its message. It said:

Believe you can and
your half way there

There was a manager close by directing some members of staff in the business of filling shelves. I took one of these gems over to him and asked:

‘Are you actually selling these things?’


I pointed to the word ‘your’ and awaited a response. It took a while but it came eventually.

‘You mean it should have an apostrophe?’

‘And an e.’

‘We just sell ’em, mate. We don’t design ’em.’

I decided the conversation had run its course and left it there, but you know what? It’s one thing seeing ‘your’ for ‘you’re’ written by ignoramuses on YouTube, but to see it set in stone (or plastic to be precise) and sold in a shop is something else entirely.

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