Thursday, 10 August 2017

Fat Kids and Eye Rolls.

This business with North Korea is becoming all too silly. On the one hand we have a bunch of kids in North Korea thumbing their noses at the US and threatening to drop a few (rather expensive) missiles in the sea around Guam, and on the other we have Donald the Iddite jumping around like the fat kid in the school yard yelling the kind of mindless invective which is the speciality of fat kids in school yards.

If Trump really has the confidence to know that the US could wipe North Korea off the map – which I imagine it probably could – then let him demonstrate the fact by adopting a calm and quietly authoritative manner. That’s what intelligent people speaking from a position of strength do.

The way Trump is going he’s not only putting America’s reputation on the line – because the rest of the world is rolling its eyes at the hot air coming out of his mouth – he’s also in danger of leaving it to the Chinese to decide whether or not to allow WWIII to start (which they’d probably have the good sense not to do, thankfully.)

So would somebody please throw a wet towel over Trump’s head and lock him securely in a padded nursery somewhere far away, so the rest of us can give the muscles which make our eyes roll a rest.

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