Saturday, 5 August 2017

Dream On.

My visitor from Brazil just arrived on my blog again, and this is where the problem starts.

When I see Brazil arriving on my blog I imagine there being five beach volleyball players from Rio all sitting around a laptop at half time rapt in fevered adoration. Their bodies are gently glowing in the tropical heat and they are saying…

‘Ah, here is the man we have been waiting for all the nineteen years of our lives. Finally we have found our Messiah. Let us give up prancing in the sand. Let us give up being the girls from Ipanema. Let us stop worshipping our long, seductive thighs and grant those thighs the honour of worshiping him instead. Let us journey to him across stormy waters and throw ourselves at his feet, there to grant him everything his wish and his whim commands.’

… when it’s more likely to be an 87-year-old professor from Sao Paulo University researching a learned tome on Why Are the English So Weird?

Soon be time to go and dream some proper dreams.

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