Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Skimming the Stratosphere.

It shouldn’t have gone unnoticed that I was cursed with hyper-awareness and a strong emotional response faculty from the word go. (I like to call it a passionate nature because it makes it sound acceptable.) It helped a lot with the photography years, the theatre years and the writing years – and it still encourages a sense of mild euphoria when I watch moths feeding on the sweet peas at twilight – but it made a right bastard of the attempt to listen to a logical mind and live a balanced life.

And now I’m finding that all those periods of anger, frustration, anxiety and depression – not to mention the demons which thrive in such an environment – are having a cumulative effect. Sometimes I feel as though I’m burning up like a meteor that can only take so much friction.

This is interesting, and I suppose it’s worth saying. Can people burn up? I don’t know.

I gather Franz Schubert felt much like me occasionally and he died at 31. But he is thought to have had syphilis, whereas I don’t as far as I’m aware.

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