Monday, 7 August 2017

The Chimpanzee's Picnic.

There’s a Richard Rossbach track on YouTube which I occasionally listen to because I quite like it. It’s loosely based on an Irish folk song, but has been so heavily manipulated, electrified, synthesised, commercialised, and generally messed about with that it’s now strictly MOR.

But of course, it’s laden with comments like ‘The Irish write great music’, ‘OMG I love Irish Music’, ‘Now I want to go home to Ireland’, and similar shite. So I commented ‘Pleasant, but it’s about as Irish as a tin of black treacle pretending to be a pint of Guinness.’

I expected to get hailed on with the proverbial fruit, but nothing. Not a like, not a dislike, not a single yell of misspelt indignation indignashen.

Where are they all? If I go down in the woods today, should I go in disguise?

(And incidentally, people commenting on Dave Brubeck’s Take 5 kept referring to it as a song, so I said ‘this isn’t a song.’ And now I’m watching them all argue about what a song is. Great fun.)

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