Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sino Season.

It won’t have gone unnoticed that January has been Chinese Month on the JJ blog. Well, it is the month of the Spring Festival after all. So, another couple of observations:

1. I love their bulging-eyed dragons. I remember seeing them as a child and feeling comfortable and familiar with them. It was as though I remembered them from an earlier time. And I seem to recall that my first lady-love, Tiger Lily, had a pet dragon which smiled in between puffs of smoke.

2. The traditional music videos on YouTube are notable for ubiquitous schools of goldfish and some very attractive bridges.

3. Chinese horror films, however, present a problem. It seems that something can be said in three syllables in Chinese, but it takes a long sentence in English to say the same thing. This means that you’ve only got to about the fourth word of the subtitle before it changes to another one. I just watched such a film, and it was particularly irritating when the budgerigar said something meaningful and I didn’t catch it. (The leading lady called it a parrot, but it was actually a budgerigar.)

To be continued. Probably.

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