Sunday, 19 January 2014

On God, Gays and Gaga Politics.

An Oxfordshire councillor from the United Kingdom Independence Party has declared his view that the recent storms in Britain were the manifestation of God’s wrath over the fact that Britain has legalised gay marriage. He says he warned Mr Cameron that there would be disastrous consequences, and now he’s been proved right.

As far as I know, he hasn’t offered any opinion – or indulged in any further rampant non sequiturs – on whether God’s wrath also played a part in generating the California drought, the polar vortex over the north eastern states, the Philippines hurricane or the record heat in Australia. Neither, as far as I know, has he explained why the winter storm of 1953 in these parts killed far more people than the recent ones did, even though homosexuality was illegal at the time.

The UKIP leadership was quick to distance the party from his views, but said that he would be neither censored nor censured because he is fully entitled to hold and express his private opinion. That, they said, is what makes Britain Great. Nevertheless, he has now been suspended from the party for refusing to stop talking to the media about his private opinion. But I thought they said…

Sometimes the world of politics is just too damn silly for words. But then, if we have to put up with God moving in mysterious ways, maybe God alone knows what the politicians’ excuse is.


Della said...

'...politics too silly for words' – well put, in perfect words!

JJ Beazley said...

I'll take that as a 1'd. Modern old me, getting up to speed.