Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Early Morning Miscellany.

I was just watching a video of Penguin Café Orchestra playing something-or-other, when I had a thought. They used to have a woman trombonist called Annie Whitehead, and it struck me as odd that we usually associate women with string and woodwind instruments, but brass and percussion instruments are generally seen as the preserve of men. A silly prejudice, of course, but still interesting. I expect it’s all to do with the military connection.

And then, while I was watching some Chinese dancing girls, another thought struck me. All my life I’ve had an insatiable hunger for new experiences, and I have a dubious history of dropping the old in favour of the new. Yet when it comes to things – like cars, tools and household accessories – I much prefer to mend and maintain the old rather than having to get used to something new. There’s probably something of deep psychological significance there.

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