Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Closer to Home.

The Chinese horror film wasn’t a Chinese horror film at all, but a long exposition of all the various supernatural beings that haunt the folklore of East and South East Asia.

There were women with elongated necks, women with no faces, women with long black hair and dead eyes, vampires whose bodies are so stiff that they have to hop to get around, little girls who sit in the third stalls of bathrooms on the third floors of schools, humanoid creatures which dwell in ponds and are so polite that all you have to do to render them immobile is get them to bow, hungry ghosts who are so hungry that they will even eat human excrement and rotting flesh…

Phew. Very imaginative.

I think February might have to be Blackpool month. Funny Bones, Albert and the Lion and bawdy humour will be much easier to handle.

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