Monday, 20 January 2014

A Good Voice and Goldfish.

I doubt anyone will watch this video; at eight minutes long, it probably stretches the modern attention span beyond acceptability. Nevertheless, I’m posting it anyway for two reasons:

1. The melody, which seemed relatively innocuous on first hearing, went deeper and deeper the more I listened to it. Eventually it became little short of compulsive, and I find that intriguing.

2. The singer’s voice is quite remarkable. Not only does she hit every note of a complex tune with perfect intonation, but the high tone expected of a Chinese woman takes on a silky, creamy quality when she gets down into the lower register. It could almost be a Belgian white chocolate, and you know how partial I am to Belgian chocolates.

So that’s why, plus the fact that it has goldfish in it. And a very, very big Buddha (the fat Chinese type, not the thin Indian type.) And a beautiful girl dressed in white. And as I’ve been saying for some time now:

If the priestess won’t come to JJ, JJ must go to the priestess.

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