Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Longest Months.

We had another covering of snow at the weekend, and then some of it faded. Today the Shire is an unprepossessing patchwork of old snow, brown earth, muddy pools, and the dull green of winter grass, all settled immutably in the grey air of a near-freezing day. It isn’t pretty, just gloomy and inhospitable.

Tomorrow we’re forecast more heavy snow, and then more heavy rain. No matter what the calendar says, I do believe that January and February are the two longest moths of the year, and May and June the shortest. Did I mention that I dislike winter? I find its frigid torpidity highly contagious.


andrea kiss said...

This winter has been far too long. It feels like the longest winter of my life... i think a mischevious little goblin has been playing a cruel time joke on us.

JJ Beazley said...

I was thinking just the same walking home last night. It's only seven weeks since Christmas, yet it feels like winter has been here for ever.