Friday, 22 February 2013

A Kind of Strangeness.

I spent a little time sitting by the fire in the living room earlier, watching a historical documentary on the TV. When I grew tired of it – as I usually do with documentaries because they have a disturbing habit of making mutually exclusive statements, presumably hoping that no one will notice – I switched the TV off and came through into my office.

It’s colder in here than it is in the living room when there’s a fire burning, so I decided to make a hot cup of tea. But of course, it’s colder in the kitchen than it is in the office, because it’s unheated and gets the full force of the east wind. I shivered a bit and hurried with the tea making. And do you know what I had a sudden yen for? A choc ice. There I am, freezing my butt off as the Yankees would say, and I become possessed of a passion for ice cream. How strange is that?

I gave in and ate the choc ice.


Anonymous said...

Before stopping my sugar intake entirely, I used to enjoy getting wild and having an ice cream in the winter. Now I just eat an orange and sulk.

I sympathize with your freezing home and arse. The only room of ours that's heated is the living room, and I'm in charge of keeping the fire alive because I'm the only person who's not inept with fire.

But don't despair; spring's right 'round the corner! I heard peepers last night!

JJ Beazley said...

Fire is my forte, too. I always said I should have followed my vocation and been an arsonist.

You might have peepers down there in Turkey, but I don't think we have any yet. What are peepers?

And it only just occurred to me that you're probably in the right place, because Mediterranean means 'Middle Earth,' more or less.

G said...

I envy you your fireplace. That's the number one thing I want in my next home!

Anonymous said...

My mother lovingly refers to me as her "little pyromaniac," so you're in good company.

"Peepers" are the frogs that start up a-singin' in the spring time and don't stop until the days get cooler.

Hmm, that's an interesting thought. Though, according to Norse mythology, any place you go on this earth is "Middle Earth." :]

JJ Beazley said...

Open fires have one drawback, G. They need a flow of air to function, so they can cause cold draughts in the room. I still wouldn't be without mine, though. Whatever the environmental arguments, they're so much more natural than central or underfloor heating.

It's nice to be in good company, Sara. We definitely have no peepers yet. But then, we definitely have no spring either.