Monday, 18 February 2013

Big Niggles.

Remember Mistress Sarah, aka the Lady Bella? I’m worried about her. I have a sense that she’s unhappy. I get it every time I walk past her house.

But she no longer holds me in any sort of regard, we no longer have any sort of contact, and she no longer reads the blog, so I suppose I’ll just have to worry quietly and hope my sense is wrong. It probably is.

It’s been a bad day today. Extra pollution, extra nausea. I don’t function at all well when I’m feeling nauseous.


Anonymous said...

hello, i have read your blog many times, and you describe "the shire" as a wonderful place and the photo's you have included it looks stunning, i was therfore wondering what the pollution could be that you refer to ?? :-)

JJ Beazley said...

Not to be taken too literally. There's no mustard gas or anything. It's complicated - a number of angles, both actual and perceptual. Put it down to my neurosis, if you like.