Thursday, 21 February 2013

Bring Back the Balaclava.

Whatever happened to the Balaclava helmet? I can think of nothing better suited to make my night walks more comfortable when the weather is not only cold, but windy as well. Like now.

(Just in case anybody doesn’t know what a Balaclava helmet is, see here.)

When I was a kid, every boy had one. (Girls didn’t, for some reason; maybe it was because their hair was longer and they had less need of one.) But then they became associated with nerdy types and fell out of fashion, which is an awful shame because they were a very practical bit of kit. I haven’t seen a kid wearing a Balaclava for many years.

If I were a celebrity, I’d start wearing one just to get the fashion going again. But I’m not. If I wore one now, people would roll their eyes and put it down to my strangeness. Besides, I wouldn’t know where to get one. Mothers used to knit them in my day, but times have changed.


andrea kiss said...

Here in the US they've become associated with the theif and robber type. An old acquaintance of mine said he walked into a gas station with one and the guy working behind the counter ordered him to take it off or leave.

JJ Beazley said...

Over here it's the 'hoodie' (zip up jackets with hoods that are trendy with teenage boys) and the crash helmet.