Thursday, 21 September 2017

Unfamiliar Perceptions and Forgotten Marmalade.

My mind was in supremely rational mode this morning. It was busy constructing one of my deeper posts on the subject of loyalty and patriotism, but I didn’t write it down because I was going out. And now it all seems so pointless because at about 3.30 this afternoon my consciousness shifted onto a totally different level.

I began to have unfamiliar perceptions about my place on this planet and my relationship with its denizens. Later on I realised how quickly physical death will come to me, however long it takes. And then the sudden and seemingly certain sensation that time is an illusion in which we’re all trapped brought tingling sensations down both arms. I even began to feel moderately sure that there is a way to escape the illusion if only you can find the key.

And I suppose I might as well stop there because it just brings up the same old question: When the carriage in which you’re travelling suddenly lurches, you really don’t know whether you’ve switched to a better track or simply become derailed.

*  *  *

Those who read this blog regularly might be interested to know that I didn’t buy the marmalade today. I forgot. But my conversation with the Lady B’s ghost was eloquent and quite moving. What a pity that she’s in no position to acquaint her former host with the facts, thereby removing certain misapprehensions under which the latter is almost certainly labouring.

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