Saturday, 16 September 2017

A View of the Tram Lines.

This ad for equity release has started appearing on my YouTube home page:

Isn’t it hideous? I mean, just look at it. The characterless suburban setting, the wife who looks like she lives for tedious suburban dinner parties with robots who wax enthusiastic about the relative merits of Volvos and Audis, the guy with a sub-executive hairstyle and a chain store sweater which can’t wait to get onto the golf course where it belongs, the pristine furniture which has about as much soul as a squashed slug, the token books and pictures, the immaculately painted door with the B&Q doorknob, the floral cushion to represent nature in its wilder aspect, the grey and sickly smiles which speak volumes for the emptiness of tram line comfort… And nothing of any real value anywhere.

Why do they insist on showing me things like this? Is it because I don’t matter?

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