Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Isolating Dixie.

I gather Trump’s man in Alabama lost, beaten by a ‘firebrand Christian conservative.’ I wonder whether the voters of Alabama realise what brainless, bigoted and potentially highly dangerous animals firebrand religious conservatives are. I doubt it, but I wouldn’t know of course. Never been to Alabama; wouldn’t want to. I understand one senior Republican called the Alabama voters ‘a bunch of morons’ so one might be tempted to defer to an authentic American opinion, but more than that I couldn’t say.

It occurs to me to wonder, however, just what might happen if other firebrand Christian conservatives manage to climb onto the apple cart and end up in a position of influence. It could be that Islamism and Christianism would soon become close bedfellows – since they’re fundamentally the same in attitude and outlook – and then there would be no shortage of the radicalised young faithful driving trucks at great speed over innocent bystanders here, there, and everywhere.

OK, so let’s hope that Trump, sufficiently enraged at the ignominy of having his favourite knocked off the podium, will perform his first useful act as President by having a wall built around Alabama to stop the plague spreading. Ah, but… there’s that guy in Arkansas who wants children to be executed for showing insufficient respect to their parents (and backs it up by quoting the Bible.) Oh dear, better build the wall along the Mason-Dixon Line and have done with it.

(But make sure that the few people with IQs above 10, and the many whose faces are even marginally darker than bleached ivory, get out first. Don’t forget that bit.)

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