Thursday, 17 March 2016

The Viking and the Waif.

I saw what might be described as a mismatched couple in Ashbourne today. He was around 6ft 2, heavily built with a mightily oversized belly, and had short-cropped blond hair. She was more like 4ft10, bean pole skinny and virtually shapeless, with long black hair that didn’t exactly bounce and glisten. But she giggled and laughed a lot and he smiled back. They seemed entirely comfortable with one another, and not at all concerned that they were a little under-clad for the chilly north east wind that had last made landfall somewhere in the vicinity of Svalbard.

You know, Ashbourne has an air of retired colonel country about it. How these two had made it past the sentry post I’m not sure, but I was rather pleased they had.

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