Sunday, 27 March 2016

Being Addle-Headed

I had a reply to one of my YouTube comments yesterday from a Chinese person who said how glad he or she was (how can I know, since he or she had a Chinese name?) that I so like Tang Siyi’s dancing and Chinese culture generally. It’s on such little turns of niceness that the internet gains worth.

And I thought it interesting that my correspondent’s family name was Qin. I was struck by the remarkable coincidence that the Irish have the surname Quinn, which is pretty suggestive of conspiracy theories or Atlantean connections, don’t you think?

But then it further struck me that, as far as I know, the Chinese version is pronounced Chin; and further, how funny it would be if Bob Dylan got stoned before a concert one night and sang ‘You ain’t seen nothin’ like the mighty chin.’

That sort of thing amuses brains like mine. According to those who know about such things I have a brain the size of a planet, yet spend my time rusting away quietly in the corner because I never know quite how to use it. Even being silly is boring sometimes.

Heads are quite the idée fixe tonight, aren’t they? And the beer is Bass Trademark Number 1.

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