Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Shades of Shallowness.

Mel was telling me something tonight and it elicited probably the crassest comment I’ve ever managed to insult myself with:

When there’s light at the end of the tunnel, the tunnel gets lighter.

Did I really say that? ‘Yes,’ confirmed my ex. Well, it's probably no worse than some of the words of wisdom people post to blogs, but it’s fortunate that when you’re on the phone nobody can see you blush.

*  *  *

And do you know what really irks me? You tell somebody how you feel about something, and they reply dismissively ‘Oh, don’t be silly. You shouldn’t think that way.’ So you reply with something succinct and logical, like: ‘I don’t think that way. That’s how I feel. They’re not the same thing.’ And they look surprised – or maybe continue to express a dismissive air – because it hasn’t occurred to them that while the reasoning faculty makes it relatively easy to alter the way you think, altering the way you feel is considerably more difficult, or maybe even impossible, because the way you feel doesn’t come from the reasoning faculty.

And they don’t even raise a blush, so you have to give them up for dead because they’re too lacking in fundamental nous to bother with.

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