Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Hands off Our Leader-in-Waiting.

It seems our esteemed second in line to the throne (Prince William, aka the Duke of Cambridge but better known as Wills to those who don’t know him from Adam but like to pretend that they sort of do) is being accused of hypocrisy for supporting both big game hunting and conservation measures to protect the rhino. Be assured: there is no hypocrisy. The two measures are entirely compatible.

You see, a predilection for slaughtering inedible animals in the name of recreation is an ingrained trait in His Royal Highness’s family, so it’s a kind of ‘to the manner born’ thing. And it makes perfect sense because the more rhinos there are around, the more there are to shoot dead with powerful rifles from the tops of Land Rovers when they and those of like mind want to have fun. Simple.

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