Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Be Advised...

There was a time when public notices had something useful to say. That was why they were there, but times seem to be a-changing. I saw two today in Derby.

The first was on the wall of a block of newly-completed apartments. It must have been about 10ft square and said:

If you lived here you would be home now.

The logic is, of course, impeccable – so impeccable that my only comment can be ‘Every front door should have one.’

The second was on the wall of Derby station and contained Useful Advice for Travellers. I only read the first item on the list as I was walking past, and it said:

Make sure you arrive at the station in good time to catch your train.

I’m glad I didn’t read the rest. Good advice is best taken in small doses to make sure you’ve fully taken it in before moving onto more difficult stuff.

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