Friday, 25 March 2016

A Personal Thing.

I said recently that I’m not the greatest fan of Enya. She did, however, play a significant part in my life at one point, and for that she will always be memorable.

The period between November ’94 and February ’95 was interesting: dire days, glorious nights, far too little sleep. Enya’s album Shepherd Moons provided a haven of sanity and calm between the dazzle and the darkness of the daily rollercoaster. (Being around people possessed of a ready supply of cannabis helped, too. Don’t knock cannabis; it can be a life saver.) I don’t expect anybody else to share my enthusiasm, but the following song can have a place on my blog just because it’s my memory and my blog.

The period between November ’98 and February ’99 was also interesting, but no rollercoaster that time – just unremitting darkness of the deepest hue. The only thing that helped then was writing my own songs, all of which are now deservedly forgotten.

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