Friday, 11 March 2016

No Light in Enlightenment.

It started by being prodded again and told: Perception is the whole of the life experience. Without perception we would be but mindless machines.

But then it went further into the question of whether perception is all that exists, and that led to the further consideration (consideration?! – do me a favour!) of what came before perception. So that took me back to the Big Bang, concepts of God, etc, etc, and I ended up with a few tentative notions:

1. All theistic religion is trapped in the illusion, and the corollary would have to be that so is atheism.

2. All science and mechanical considerations are also trapped in the illusion.

3. Philosophy is redundant because there’s nothing to talk about.

4. Art might be the one thing worth taking seriously, but my brain wasn’t up to working that one out.

5. I still know nothing and am as confused as ever. I still like eating when I’m hungry, though. It’s just that I still wonder why.

The whole process took about fifteen minutes, and now it’s lunchtime.

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