Thursday, 10 December 2015

The State of Things.

The word of the day is ‘malfunction.’ And not just of today. Today was bad; yesterday was worse. It is the word of most days in the present epoch.

Systems malfunctioning. People malfunctioning. Technology malfunctioning, even that which was bought new some time between a week and two years ago.

Frustration at the inanity of recorded announcements (how many more times do I have to listen to the disingenuous bleat ‘This call is being recorded for training and quality control purposes?’ If you want quality, please change the bloody system. I object to wasting money on a phone call just to listen to pointless rubbish I don’t need to hear.) Frustration at the tyranny of menu options, which you cannot circumvent however loudly you complain to the machine. Frustration at the final contact when you’re greeted by an automaton who reads from a script and is only fit for ticking boxes.

This could be a very long post, but there would be too many seemingly disparate areas to be covered. Let’s just say that things used to be better before the Commercial Revolution raised candyfloss to the status of manna and set about eroding initiative.

My sensibilities are being trodden on, too many tools don’t work properly, and I’m owed money because ‘we’re having problems with the system.’ How long before my mind jumps onto the same malfunction bandwagon?

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