Sunday, 20 December 2015

Dubious Preparations.

There was an advert on the TV featuring a pretty little cartoon lady who looked terribly sweet and wholesome. Finding such an image less unattractive than the usual plastered up model girls giving cosmetics a bad name, I decided to watch this one to see what she was trying to sell me.

It turned out to be a treatment for something called bacterial vaginosis. Now, I don’t know what bacterial vaginosis is, but the image of the pretty little cartoon lady suddenly looked less sweet and wholesome, which I suppose is the point of the ad.

And no, I didn’t Google it, but I strongly suspect that:

a. I wouldn’t have any use for such a preparation.

b. Had such an ad been shown on the TV when I was a kid, the Advertising Standards Authority would have been buried under a deluge of complaints from scandalized Middle England. Standards have clearly fallen a lot in the intervening years.

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