Friday, 25 December 2015

Jacob Called Again.

I was thinking about those old Christmas cards I mentioned a few posts ago, and recalling one in particular which said:

Thanks for all those fun-filled evenings. Hope there will be many more.

That’s the one that confused me most. When did anybody ever have a fun-filled evening with me, at least one in which I was in some way at least partly responsible for the fun?

Epiphany was at hand…

You see, I always thought that having a good time was all about what you did. Now I realise that having a good time isn’t about what you do, it’s about how you feel. So sitting in a quiet room with somebody you greatly like, maybe with a drink or two helping to release the uninhibited child inside, luxuriating in a relaxing, convivial atmosphere, is having a good time.

Blow me! And I never noticed. Maybe I was convivial company once… There’s a revelation…

Good old Jacob Marley seems intent on letting his jaw drop this year.

I think this unexpected epiphany might have resulted from watching Bill Murray’s Scrooged again. I’m always blown away by the Ghost of Christmas Present in that film – the fun-filled fairy lady who keeps beating him up. Now she’s convivial company if ever such a thing existed. May she bless us, every one.

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