Sunday, 13 December 2015

Contemporary Perceptions.

Over lunch today I watched a few minutes of the 1963 version of Jason and the Argonauts. As is my usual practice these days, I watched it with the sound off so as to get a better take on the general tone and style of the piece without the distraction of dialogue.

What a disappointment. I remember loving that film when I was a kid, but it seems I’ve become a bit more difficult to convince down the years. There was a time when I thought it an accurate representation of ancient Greece, but the cheap costumes and the general bearing of the actors now put my grizzled perception more in mind of a nativity play at the local primary school.

And nothing changes. A few years ago I saw the publicity poster for the film Troy. It showed head shots of three of the leading characters – Helen and two conflicting Heroes, I expect – and they could just as easily have been starring in a 21st century cosmetics ad.

So I have a request for the great and good in Hollywood, should anyone from that august institution ever read this post. If you do a remake of The Vikings, instead of loading up the warriors’ beards with styling gel, could you make it dried vomit instead? Thanks.

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