Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas Bonuses.

I worked out tonight how much I’ve saved this Christmas through being given things I would otherwise have bought for myself, and then I worked out how much I’ve spent. The result was a £2 profit, so it seems Christmas did have some point to it after all. I’m sure my mentor, Mr S, would have approved.

*  *  *

This afternoon’s walk took me along a lane I don’t usually frequent. I saw Ange, the sheep farmer, who asked:

‘Have you had your dinner?’


‘Yes. Christmas dinner.’

‘Oh, that. I don’t do Christmas.’

'Why not?'

'I'm not a Christian.'

‘I see. I went to the church service last night. I enjoyed the atmosphere and singing, but I don’t believe a word of it. I reckon it was all made up.’

I assumed she was talking about the nativity story, so she got the lecture. I don’t know why I do it, I really don’t.

*  *  *

The real bonus was meeting Ange’s collie dog. Delightful. Dog fixes are so precious.

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