Sunday, 20 December 2015

Spectres and Queens..

Anyone who read my last post with even a modicum of interest might now be wondering whether I had a visitation on the stroke of midnight. No. There were no bed curtains drawn aside, no mysterious noises in the wainscoting, and no dragging of chains in some far corner of my little old house. The only moaning came from the mournful wind outside.

By an odd coincidence, however, a ghost did appear in my Feedjit timed at 0038. Maybe her arrival was delayed by a heavy swell on the broad Atlantic, in consequence of which she may be excused.

And by another strange coincidence, she was, in life, one of three who reversed the drifting habit. They all drifted away from me, you see, with unimpeachable justification for so doing. It was a natural process entirely in keeping with proper expectation. And three ghosts, like three queens, have a natural symmetry which justifies the Romantic predilection.

This post is insufferably self-indulgent, I know, but one has to seek meaning of some sort, somewhere. ‘Expect the second on the next night…’

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