Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Confusing Crosses.

As is my wont, I had a small fire today to note the passing of the solstice. When the fire was nearly burnt out there were two pieces of unburned wood on top which suddenly rotated to form a perfect Greek cross. And then they burst into flame… They did. They really did.

Aha! A Sign! (I thought.)

Where from? Don’t know.

A Symbol!

Of what? Don’t know.

Something of profound significance!

Really? Go on, then. Explain. Erm…

I decided against the idea that it was Jesus sending me a message, since it was a Greek cross not a Roman one. I tried Google, but not much joy there (nor comfort even.) Nearly every website I found was full of juvenile rhetoric promoting either pro- or anti-Christian propaganda, and all I could come up with after some extensive and rather tedious searching was:

1. It was in use for a very long time before Jesus invented Easter.

2. It was used to denote the Mother Goddess. (Maybe.)

3. It was used to denote the Sun God. (Maybe.)

4. Its use in Christian iconography is on very shaky theological ground and it’s all the Emperor Constantine’s fault. Jesus probably died impaled on a stake, not a cross. Somebody got their Greek all wrong in translation. Damn.

So where do we go from here? Nowhere. The Universe really is a bit of a tease, or maybe it was just a meaningless coincidence after all. Night.

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