Monday, 2 March 2015

Reeling with the Russians.

I wonder how long it will be before Mr Putin puts out a statement to the effect:

I regret to announce that the vile murderers of Boris Nemtsov have escaped to a place where we cannot reach them. Damn! And I did so want to bring them to justice.

I hear the Estonians are getting a bit worried because they suspect Mr P of being on a mission to rebuild the Soviet Union, with them first in line for annexation. Oh, sorry. Second in line after Crimea.

And a retired head of the British secret services says that the Russians have now become a real threat and we should increase our defence spending.

Meanwhile, Russian bombers continue to fly up and down the English Channel, thumbing their noses at the escorting British fighter planes.

Is this all propaganda, I wonder? Are the Russians being fed the notion that NATO is the real bad guy who is threatening them? Well, don’t worry Russians. Nobody in the west does anything these days unless it’s profitable, and WWIII certainly wouldn’t be that.

You might be well advised, however, to advise Mr P that W Shakespeare Esq popped his clogs four hundred years ago, so the venerable President has no chance of joining Richard III in the hallowed canon. It would be good if we could all just be friends.

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