Saturday, 7 March 2015

A Muse on Mindlessness.

I’m developing a gripe against the local charity shops: the music they play.

One of them has the local radio station playing constantly, and its stock-in-trade is a slightly (only slightly; any lower and it might be entertaining) sub-middle-of-the-road mix of chat and mindless music. Most of the others follow the current trend in commercial shops for preferring a modern and mindless ballad style. It isn’t the classic ballad style of the great balladeers, more of a soppy, tuneless, characterless, formulaic attempt to instil a grinding sense of tedium in all but those to whom appreciation of tedium is already installed as default. What little melody is evident seems pretty much the same in all of them. In short, mindless.

The one exception is the YMCA charity shop in Uttoxeter. What they play is an equally mindless cacophony of indeterminate style and purpose which I assume is chosen by, or for the sake of, the eponymous Young Men. Only it isn’t the eponymous young men who shop there, it’s people like me, and what I like is elegant or quirky melody, imaginative bass and percussion, meaningful lyrics, and striking harmonies which have the power to shift your consciousness to a different, better place. I don’t do cacophony. It irritated me so much today that I left after about thirty seconds. Isn’t that just a little bit mindless?

But I did get a good premium beer called Corby Fox from Cumberland Breweries at only £1 a bottle. Must get a proper pint mug, though. Good beer definitely tastes better out of a proper pint mug.

I wonder whether there’s still time to watch an episode of X Files before retiring.

(Or should I talk about the mindless idiot with whom I’ve been having an argument on YouTube? Nah. When you’ve placed all your rational cards on the table, and he’s just getting angrier and ever more irrational, and is obviously determined to have the last, irrational word, all you can do is let it go. X Files would be less taxing.)

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