Saturday, 7 March 2015

A Sequel Too Far.

I watched Jurassic Park III tonight. It wasn’t very good. The variation in sound levels between the action sequences and the conversational ones was quite maddening, on top of which it had more cheese than a good pizza, it was mostly illogical in most practical aspects, and it was generally pretty silly all round. In fact, it was most of the things a multi-million dollar film shouldn’t be. The one good bit was where the heavy gets eaten by something even heavier. We didn’t like the heavy because he biffed the hero, so I think we were supposed to cheer for the dinosaur. They got that bit right.

Sam Neil did his best, bless him, which pleased me because he looks remarkably like one of my nephews. He only had one bit of cheese, and that came right at the end. By then I was nearly asleep so it didn’t matter.

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