Saturday, 19 July 2014


I did it again tonight – typed a long post on a subject that’s important to me, and then got bored about two thirds of the way through and deleted it.

‘God, this tedious…’


I do it often.

Instead, I thought I’d post this short clip from The Graham Norton Show which might, or might not, be of interest to my American chums.

Somebody once told me I have eyes like Hugh Laurie. He was wrong. But then he was basing his opinion on the publicity poster for House, so maybe he wasn’t.

And for some unaccountable reason, it reminds me of the strange woman who told me to sit on my camera ‘and give the world a global view.’ I still don’t now what she meant by it, but that was in Toronto so it probably doesn’t count. The only thing I remember an American woman saying to me was ‘I always said Europeans have thick blood.’ That was in New Orleans, so it probably doesn’t count either. The bunny girl in the Broadway bar didn’t speak to me at all.

It’s 2am and we have thunder. It’s been a warm and sultry day.

Still a boring post, but shorter.

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