Saturday, 26 July 2014

On Moons, Logic and Circumspection.

The moon calculator at the bottom of my sidebar says that today’s phase is the ‘New Moon.’ The space where the moon is normally represented is notable for being empty, and below the space it says ‘O% of Full.’ So in that case, why do we call it ‘the New Moon?’ Why don’t we call it ‘the Non Moon?’ Better still, ‘the Dark of the Moon’ because that sounds nicely Gothic.

And how does this illogical appellation square with the old saying: ‘Never look at the new moon through glass?’ You can’t, can you? There’s nothing to see.

The old superstition I like best, though, is the one that says:

Upon seeing the new moon for the first time (assuming a more liberal and logical interpretation of the word ‘new’) kiss the first person you meet and you will get a new dress.

Some excuse, eh? Especially if you’re a man, and most especially if you’re prepared to forego the benefit of a new dress until the price is worth paying.

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