Wednesday, 9 July 2014

On Failing.

This blog has been far too serious since I came back to it. I keep looking for funny stories to tell, but I’m not finding any. I try to think up silly ditties, but Ms Wong is getting all those by e-mail at the moment. I thought of mentioning the two happy dogs I saw play-fighting outside Sainsbury’s in Ashbourne, closely followed by the cutest pair of East Asian children accompanied by a very lovely East Asian mother. That seemed too innocuous, even though I always wonder whether the universe is giving me a message when it sends complimentary images in pairs. I wrote a whole post on the subject of ‘the womaniser gene’ and scrapped it. I decided I would need to be invited to make a post like that.

Seems I’m a failed blogger at the moment. Sorry, just in case anybody’s interested.

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