Friday, 25 July 2014

On Bugs and Bryan.

The problem with this warm sunny weather we’re having here at the moment is that I constantly have to watch my step in the house at night or I’m liable to tread on something. Moths and beetles, mostly. ’Twas ever thus. Who would want to harm a moth or a beetle?

I don’t care to mention the butterfly I found on a piece of furniture, except to say that I fear I might have damaged it. That sort of thing gets to me. It does. Big time.

Meanwhile, I thought I’d post a video of a young Bryan Ferry doing a Bob Dylan cover. I don’t usually like Bob Dylan covers, but I like this one.

Bryan Ferry has an interesting face, you know. He has the classic Northumbrian look, characterised by eyes that appear to be slightly closer together either side of a narrow nose bridge. I lived in Northumberland for three years and saw it a lot. I suppose it has something to do with a type of Anglian gene, since I've seen the same look in south east Scotland which was settled by the same people around the 6th/7th century. It's interesting that you don't see the same look in other parts of England which were settled by Angles.

And did you know that the Scots language (which has its home in the southern lowlands, and is not to be confused with Gaelic from further north) has the same root as modern English but evolved separately?

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