Monday, 14 July 2014

A Reason Not to Apply.

I just read that the Church of England has finally voted to approve the ordination of women bishops. Well, it had to come one day, didn’t it? And I’m fully in favour of the change, but before my feminist friends become too gleeful, let’s consider how many women are likely to apply for the job. I mean, would any self-respecting woman allow herself to be seen in public in a hat like that?

Then again, when you look at the unflattering monstrosities women wear at weddings, maybe the application forms are flowing thick and fast as I write.

*  *  *

And that had me wondering what sorts of headwear do women best justice:

First prize goes to the cowl. It’s all about mystery. The hoods of duffle coats may be included, but I’m not so sure about anoraks.

Second prize goes to the beret. It’s all about being Gallic, and French women are the world leaders in the matter of chic.

Third prize goes to the baseball cap, but only as long as there’s a pony tail sticking out behind it. It has an air of freshness and energy about it.

And a special award has to go to the Lady Bella’s Paddington Bear hat. It is (or maybe was) blue, and looked splendid against her black hair.

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