Saturday, 26 July 2014

On Celebrity and Non Being.

I got quite excited this morning. I read that some woman called Tulisa Contostavlos had been found guilty of assaulting a ‘celebrity blogger’ and had to pay him £100 in damages.

(I’ve no idea who Tulisa Contostavlos is, by the way, or what she does. It took me a good ten seconds to work out how her name is probably pronounced; it doesn’t trip quite as easily off the tongue as Lady Gaga, or even Petula Clark come to that.)

So anyway, I got quite excited.

‘I didn’t know there was any such thing as a celebrity blogger,’ I thought. ‘I wonder if I could become a celebrity. I have a blog, and it must get at least five visitors nearly every day.’

Ah, but then came the fall. I assume a ‘celebrity blogger’ is someone who blogs about celebrities. I’m right, aren’t I? Damn! See how little I know about modern culture? Call me Mr Dumb.

Tonight I wrote out the rationale for the proposition that ‘All material existence is the constant flow of non-being, and therefore illusory’ and sent it Ms Wong in an e-mail. Having done that, I decided it was too boring to post here. Instead, I’m going to read some YouTube comments. Much more fun.

Did I say I’m becoming ever less tolerant of earnestness?

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