Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Want Phenomenon.

What do these two ads have in common?

 ...I WANT...

When did life stop being about life and become all about lifestyle? Is this the root of hedonism, and does hedonism always come before a fall? Or is it about the power-wealth imperative finding a way to anaesthetize the masses so as to become wealthier and more powerful? Or is it something else?

Does any of it matter? Does anybody know?

*  *  *

I jotted this post in the early hours of the morning after I'd a had a large beer and several scotches. I was tired and decided to come back to it later when I was more sensible, sober, and better equipped to consider whether any of it mattered or not. I still don't know, but I could add a little thought:

When I was a kid, wanting was considered the expression of a trivial and juvenile mind. 'Want, want, want!' your mother would say. 'That's all I ever hear. Stop wanting, for heaven's sake. Grow up.'

But wanting is what we all have to do now. Wanting makes you a potential spender in a world where consumption is king. You don't belong if you don't want. Wanting, like greed, is good.

But who are the ultimate beneficiaries in this world of consumption? Certainly not the consumers. They're just kept in a permanent state of wanting whatever they haven't got yet, and the system will always ensure that there's plenty of that.

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