Sunday, 16 October 2016

Drink and the Soul Equation.

People sometimes ask me: ‘What the hell do you do when you’re up into the early hours of the morning?’

Well, mostly I listen to meaningful music, and if I can’t think of anything to write to the blog, I write emails to meaningful people instead. The big problem in the early hours is convincing myself that I don’t really want another piece of hot buttered toast, even though I really, really do. The problem with food, you see, is that it costs money and makes you fat, and if I’m going to spend money and get fat, I might as well drink instead and go to sleep quicker. Besides, unconventional though the opinion might be, I’m convinced that drink is better for the soul than food is. The argument goes like this:

Drink + Imagination + Music (optional) = Mental Exploration + Insights (which might or might not be false or fanciful, but it’s rarely provable either way.)

Ergo: Drink plus imagination plus music exercises and expands the consciousness, and if we accept the proposition that consciousness is effectively synonymous with the soul – which I think quite likely – there you are. Point made.

(I seem to be losing weight, which either validates my point or doesn’t depending on how you choose to see it.)

It isn’t half as depressing as it sounds, really it isn’t. I will admit, however, that the emails to meaningful people sometimes precipitate a little embarrassment the next day, but even those closest to me think I’m a fruitcake anyway so what does it matter?

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