Saturday, 29 October 2016

On Small Statistics and Credibility.

I do stretching exercises every night. I stretch up to the kitchen ceiling, but can never quite make it however hard I try. In the morning, though, I can touch the ceiling quite easily. That means I must be about an inch taller in the morning than I am late at night.

And did you know that the moon is moving away from the earth at the rate of 4cm a year? I didn’t either. Still don’t, it’s just something I heard somebody say on a YouTube video. But of course, it would be the height of foolishness to accept something just because somebody said so.

I don’t do belief either. I accept that which I can personally prove or which has been demonstrated to my satisfaction. Everything else is allotted a degree of credence dependent on the combined forces of evidence and instinct. And I haven’t noticed the moon getting any smaller.

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