Thursday, 20 October 2016

Admitting My Failure.

I first saw this picture on a YouTube video and it sparked a reaction, and then I found it on Google Images.

So should I apologise for posting it? I suppose I’d better, so here goes:

Sorry for being such a sucker when it comes to kids. Sorry for being so held in thrall by their simple honesty of heart, mind and expression. Sorry for hating an educational system which seeks to deprive children of their childhood, and which instead wants to fast-track them into becoming nakedly ambitious, self-serving, guarded, emotionally reticent, acquisitive, judgemental, egotistical, prejudiced, irrational, insanely competitive, and mostly seduced by the lower mind in order to fit the exigencies of politicians, corporations and the media. Sorry for my inability to like and respect those who run the world and the majority of adults who’ve forgotten the more virtuous values of childhood. My apologies.

But thank heaven for the few exceptions who didn’t play the game. I know you’re out there.

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