Friday, 7 October 2016

An Uncommon Addiction.

As a vegetarian I eat lots of cheese, probably too much. It’s a major protein staple of the vegetarian diet, and the purveyors of foodstuffs know this. Having little imagination, and knowing that vegetarians make up only a small percentage of the population (which means they don’t count for very much), their vegetarian snack options rarely go beyond cheese and onion quiche, cheese and onion pastries, cheese and pickle sandwiches, cheese and broccoli bake… etc, etc.

You’d think I’d get sick of the stuff, wouldn’t you? I do sometimes, and yet if I go more than two days on the cheese wagon, I start craving it.

Having not tasted cheese for several days, tonight the craving came on strong. I went to the fridge and cut a big piece, and mounch’d, and mounch’d, and mounch’d. Aroint thee witch, the rump-fed ronion cried… (Sorry, I digress.) Like all good addictions, however, one piece failed to satisfy the urge and a second visit to the fridge was made in haste. And now I expect that the food gurus out there who understand the connection between food and mood will have me consigned to a pigeon hole with a label tied around my neck, accompanied by the drinker on one side and the user on the other.

I have a feeling that this subject has featured on the blog before. I seem to recall one of my alternate personalities mentioning the fact. Ah, well. Put it down to finding a different way of saying it.

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