Sunday, 16 October 2016

A Highland Travelogue.

Some people like to go to the Mediterranean hotspots for their holidays – Spain mostly – where they can indulge their passion for emulating chimpanzees to the sound of several men in sub-Disney costumes performing Torremolinos, Torremolinos with great depth of feeling. I’m more the sort to bury myself deep in the heart of the Scottish Highlands and play Scrabble in the sunshine after dinner. I think it suited Penny le Pooch better, too.

We were buried deep in the heart of McCrae country to be more precise, just over the water from the Isle of Skye, and here’s a picture of the heart of McCrae country.

And here – yet again for the sake of passing American archaeologists who are temporarily absent but far from forgotten – is a picture of the McCrae graveyard. One might be tempted to wonder whether the local roofing specialists were away on holiday in England at the time (or even Torremolinos.)

Finally, to end on a specifically personal note, this is me in the heart of said country calling on my vast nautical experience to demonstrate that I know what boats are for.

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