Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Talking it Up or Down.

If I were to be asked to explain the taking of this photograph, I could offer two versions:

I saw a white bird sitting at the entrance to a pipe in the wall of an old Victorian building. I recognised the contrast between the hard, inert brick and the softness of the living bird. The juxtaposition of textures was meaningful in itself, but I needed the bird to move so as to make the contrast all the more evident.

And so I set the camera on a tripod and focussed on the wall. I selected a shutter speed that would produce enough blur to enhance the softness whilst maintaining the identity of the living creature. And then I waited for the bird to fly, releasing the shutter at precisely the right moment. I call it ‘Leaving’, and it’s artistic.

Or I could say:

I was trying to take a picture of this turtle dove sitting in a pipe in the wall, only the bloody thing flew away just as I pressed the button. Better luck next time.

I offer no revelation.

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